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Schultz, Matthias & Burkhard Büdel. Peccania salevensis and Synalissa nitidula belong to the genus Paulia (Lichinaceae, lichenized Ascomycota), Mycotaxon 84: 21-26. 2002.

ABSTRACT: The generic placement of the cyanobacterial lichens Peccania salevensis and Synalissa nitidula is clarified based on type material studies. Both species are members of the genus Paulia in the Lichinaceae. Therefore, the new combinations Paulia salevensis and Paulia nitidula are made. The position of the species within Paulia is briefly discussed.

KEYWORDS: Lichinales, lichenized ascomycetes, Socotra, Mnt. Salève

Paulia nitidula (Müll.-Arg.) M. Schultz, p. 25
Paulia salevensis (Müll.Arg.) M. Schultz, p. 22

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