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Zervakis, Georgios I., Elias Polemis & Dimitrios M. Dimou. Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece: III. Macrofungi recorded in Quercus forests from southern Peloponnese, 84:141-162. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Only fragmentary data were available until now on macrofungi associated with oak forests in Greece, and similarly there is very scarce information on the mycological flora of Peloponnese. The present research study comprises a detailed inventory of Basidiomycotina and larger Ascomycotina, which are associated with oak (mainly Quercus frainetto and Q. pubescens) in the southern part of this region. It resulted in the recording of 197 species belonging in 86 genera, among which 43 species or subspecific taxa and 1 genus (i.e., Xenasma) are reported for the first time from Greece. In addition, another 110 taxa records constitute new substrate/hosts reports. Taxonomic notes and descriptions are provided for the most interesting findings, and an analysis of relevant information is presented in conjunction to ecotrophic preferences, spatial and time occurrence, and habitat.

KEYWORDS: mycoflora, macromycetes, mushroom, oak, Basidiomycotina


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