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Zervakis, Georgios I., Dimitrios M. Dimou, Elias Polemis & Mitko Karadelev. Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece: II. Macrofungi associated with conifers in Taygetos Mountain (Peloponnese), Mycotaxon 83: 97-126, 2002.

ABSTRACT: In Greece, data on macrofungi diversity is scattered and fragmentary. Recent research interest on the fungal biota of selected ecosystems begins to provide valuable information pertinent to the occurrence, distribution and ecogeography of Basidiomycotina and larger Ascomycetes. Mt. Taygetos (southern Peloponnese) constitutes one of the richest ecosystems in plant diversity in Greece. Research sudies on the mycoflora associated with conifer forests of this area (mainly Abies cephalonica and Pinus nigra ssp. pallasiana) resulted in the recording of 265 species belonging to 123 genera (250 species and 112 genera of Basidiomycota, and 15 species and 11 genera of Ascomycotina). Among them, 68 species (together with subspecies and varieties) and 10 genera (i.e., Geoglossum, Fayodia, Faerberia, Amylocorticium, Amphinema, Athelia, Botryobasidium, Columnocystis, Litschauerella, and Sistotrema) are reported for the first time from Greece. In addition, 85 other taxa records constitute new substrate/hosts reports. Taxonomic notes and descriptions are provided for the most interesting findings, and an analysis of relevant information is presented in conjunction with ectotrophic preferences, spatial and time occurrence, and habitat.

KEYWORDS: mycoflora, mushooms, Abies, Pinus, Basidiomycotina


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