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Sparrius, Laurens B., André Aptroot & Ming-Jou Lai. New reports of calicioid lichenized and non-lichenized Ascomycetes from Taiwan, Mycotaxon 83: 357-360. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Nine species of calicioid ascomycetess are reported new to Taiwan, viz., Calicium adspersum, C. glaucellum, C. hyperelloides, C. trabinellum, Chaenotheca brunneola, C. furfuracea, Chaenothecopsis pusiola, Cybebe gracilenta and Mycocalicium subtile. Additional records are presented for Bunodophoron diplotypum, B. formosanum and Sphaerophorus taiwanensis.

KEYWORDS: Coniocybaceae, Sphaerophoraceae, Caliciales, Caliciaceae


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