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Zotti, Mirca & Aurora Montemartini Corte. Aspergillus persii: a new species in section Circumdati, Mycotaxon 83: 269-278. 2002.

ABSTRACT: This paper deals with a new species of Aspergillus section Circumdati, an important group within the genera Petromyces (Malloch & Cain, 1972) and Neopetromyces (Frisvad & Samson, 2000) and within the anamorph genus Aspergillus. This species was isolated from a woman affected by onychomycosis. Some of the characters observed, such as the sclerotia and club-like enlargements of the mycelium, are quite peculiar and suggested that a new species A. persii, should be proposed.
Colonies were cultivated on five different media and kept at different temperatures. Their morphological characters were analyzed and compared with those of sections Terrei and Flavipedes.

KEYWORDS: Aspergillus, opportunistic fungi, onychomycosis

Aspergillus persii A.M. Corte & Zotti, p. 276

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