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Loguercio-Leite, Clarice, Leif Ryvarden & Claudia Groposo. Studies in neotropical polypores 16. Rubroporus carneoporis genus & species nova, Mycotaxon 83: 223-227. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Rubroporus carneoporis genus & species nova is described as new. It is characterized by a red-hymenophoral basidiocarp and a dimitic hyphal system with clamped generative hyphae and sparingly branched skeleto-ligative hyphae, and ellipsoid basidiospores. It grows on Alchornea triplinervia (Euphorbiaceae) causing a white rot, in a subtropical area.

KEYWORDS: polyporoid, new genera, Rubroporus

Rubroporus C.L. Leite, Ryvarden & Groposo, p. 224
Rubroporus carneoporis C.L. Leite, Ryvarden & Groposo, p. 224

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