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Simmons, Emory G. Alternaria themes and variations (305-309). Lewia/Alternaria revisited, Mycotaxon 83: 127-145, 2002.

ABSTRACT: A continuation of a series of papers primarily on Alternaria, in this instance on the Alternaria states of two Lewia species and on an additional three Alternaria taxa without known teleomorphs. All five of the Alternaria taxa exhibit the sporulation pattern of the Alternaria infectoria species-group. All taxa discussed here are described as novel: L. viburni and A. viburni (on Viburnum sp.), L. intercepta and A. intercepta (on Viburnum sp.), A. merytae (on Meryta sinclairii), A. humuli (on Humulus lupulus), and A. novae-zelandiae (on Daucus carota).

KEYWORDS: Alternaria infectoria species-group, Daucus, Humulus, Meryta, Viburnum

Alternaria humuli E.G.Simmons, p. 139
Alternaria intercepta E.G. Simmons, p. 134
Alternaria merytae E.G.Simmons, p. 136
Alternaria novae-zelandiae E.G. Simmons, p. 142
Alternaria viburni E.G. Simmons, p. 132
Lewia intercepta E.G. Simmons & McKemy, p. 133
Lewia viburni E.G. Simmons & McKemy, p. 130

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