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Holec, Jan. Fungi of the eastern Carpathians (Ukraine) — important works by Albert Pilát, and locations of his collecting sites, Mycotaxon 83: 1-17, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Albert Pilát thoroughly studied mycoflora of the Eastern Carpathians (Ukraine) in 1928-1938. He collected especially lignicolous fungi growing in mountainous virgin forests minimally influenced by man. The results were summarized in a detailed mycofloristic contribution and the collected material also served as a basis for Pilát's well-known taxonomic monographs of Polyporaceae and the genera Stereum, Pleurotus, Lentinus, Crepidotus etc. Due to political changes after World War II, the geographic names in the Eastern Carpathians were transliterated to Russian, Ukranian and partly also totally renamed. In present-day maps it is almost impossible to find Pilát's collecting sites. Moreoever, Pilát's data are omitted in a checklist of fungi of Ukraine. To improve the knowledge of the Ukrainian mycoflora, a survey of Pilát's publications dealing with the Eastern Carpathians is given and some new taxa described by him from this area are cited. The original names of Pilát's collecting sites are listed and their current Cryllic-writen Ukrainian equivalents and variants transliterated in Roman letters are added. Location of each locality is described and mapped. The vegetation types studied by Pilát are briefly characterized.

KEYWORDS: basidiomycetes, ascomycetes, lignicolous fungi, biodiversity, taxonomy


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