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Mayrhofer, H. & J. W. Sheard. Amandinea cacuminum: a new combination (Physciaceae, lichenized Ascomycetes), Mycotaxon 82: 437-441, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Rinodina cacuminum is found to possess curved, filiform conidia, lecanorine or lecideine apothecia, and a hyaline or pigmented hypothecium. The species has previously been shown to have Bacidia-type asci and molecular data also indicate a closer relationship with the genus Amandinea than Rinodina. The species has a continuous, northern circumpolar distribution. R. milvina var. melanochlora is placed into synonymy.

KEYWORDS: Taxonomy, Rinodina, conidia, phytogeography

Amandinea cacuminum (Th. Fr.) H. Mayrhofer & Sheard, p. 438

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