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Kim, Seon-Young Kim & Hack Sung Jung. Cladistic analysis of the Polyporaceae using morphological characters, Mycotaxon 82: 295-314, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Cladistic analysis of the Polyporaceae was performed using morphological characters. Species of the Polyporaceae and poroid taxa of related families were compared using 34 characters. Analyses were performed for characters that were unweighted, weighted twice or five times. Results showed that the most parsimonious tree inferred from unweighted analysis was topologically different from those of weighted analyses. The more weights were given on taxonomically important characters, the more significant influences were expressed on tree topologies. From the analysis using characters weighted five times, 17 monophyletic groups of taxonomic implication were recognized for the Polyporaceae.

KEYWORDS: cladistics, tree topology, weighting


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