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Pennycook, S. R. & E. H. C. McKenzie. Scoleciasis atkinsonii, an earlier name for Phaeophleospora hebes; and a note on G. H. Cunningham’s epithets hebe and pseudopanax, Mycotaxon 82: 145-146. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Phaeophleospora hebes (W. Wu, B. Sutton & Gange) Crous, F.A. Ferreira & B. Sutton is conspecific with the earlier Scoleciasis atkinsonii Syd. Sydow's epither is recombined as Phaeophleospora atkinsonii (Syd.) Pennycook & McKenzie.The epithets hebe and pseudopanax published by G.H. Cunningham are interpreted as vernacular names of host plants, used as nouns in apposition; they should not be "corrected" to their respective genitives, hebes and pseudopanacis.

KEYWORDS: coelomycetes, orthography, pathogens, systematics

Phaeophleospora atkinsonii (Syd.) Pennycook & McKenzie, p. 145

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