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Simmons, Emory G. Alternaria themes and variations (287-304). Species on Caryophyllaceae, Mycotaxon 82: 1-40, 2002.

ABSTRACT: A continuation of a series of papers primarily on Alternaria, in this instance for phaeodictyosporic taxa described from hosts/substrates in the Caryophyllaceae. Of the 24 names published validly or invalidly for this group (1876 to date), 12 are retained for identifiable taxa in Alternaria and Stemphylium. Of these 12 names, seven are presented in novel formats, including A. nobilis (syn. A. dianthi; on Dianthus caryophyllus), S. bubakii (on Silene nutans), A. vaccariae (on Vaccaria pyramidalis), S. trisectum (on Silene inflata), A. ellipsoidea (on Dianthus barbatus), A. juxtiseptata (on Gypsophila paniculata), and A. subelliptica (on G. paniculata). A diagnostic key to the nine species retained in Alternaria is provided.

KEYWORDS: Dianthus, Gypsophila, Saponaria, Silene, Stemphylium, Vaccaria

Alternaria ellipsoidea E.G. Simmons, p. 31
Alternaria nobilis (Vize) E.G. Simmons, p. 7
Alternaria juxtiseptata E.G. Simmons, p. 32
Alternaria subelliptica E.G. Simmons, p. 36
Alternaria vaccariae (Savul. & Sandu) E.G. Simmons & S. Koike, p. 21
Stemphylium bubakii E.G. Simmons, p. 18
Stemphylium trisectum (A. Raabe) E.G. Simmons, p. 25

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