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Sati, S. C., N. Tiwari & M. Belwal. Conidial aquatic fungi of NainiTal, Kumaun Himilaya, India. Mycotaxon 81: 445-455. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Fourteen species of conidial aquatic fungi, viz., Alatospora flagellata, A. pulchella, Anguillospora furtiva, Dimorphospora foliicola, Dwayaangam dichotoma, Flabellocladia gigantea, Lemonniera alabamensis, L. cornuta, L. pseudofloscula, L. terrestris, Magdalaenaea monogramma, Tetracladium maxilliforme, Tricladiopsis flagelliformis and Trinacrium incurvum collected from high altitude freshwater streams of NainiTal, Kumaun Himalaya, (India) are briefly described. These species were recovered from submerged leaf litter and water foam accumulated at stream barriers. All the species reported hereunder are new to the Indian aquatic fungi and show wide distribution.

KEYWORDS: Aquatic Hyphomycetes, Occurrence and Distribution


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