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Zhang, Yan-Hui & Wen-Ying Zhuang. Re-examinations of Helotium and Hymenoscyphus (Helotiales, Helotiaceae): specimens on deposit in HMAS. Mycotaxon 81: 35-43. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Specimens deposited in HMAS under the generic names Helotium and Hymenoscyphus were re-examined. Twelve taxa of Hymenoscyphus were identified according to modern species concepts. Other discomycetes observed are members of Bisporella, Calycellina, Calycina, Ciboria, Crocicreas, Dicephalospora, and Lanzia. Hymenoscyphus sinicus is described as a new species. Three new records for China were reported.

KEYWORDS: China, Discomycetes, Hymenoscyphus sinicus, Taxonomy

Hymenoscyphus sinicusW.Y. Zhuang & Y.H. Zhang, p. 38

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