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Rodríguez-Palma, Mercedes, Adalid Varela García & Carlos Lado. Corticolous myxomycetes associated with four tree species in México. Mycotaxon 81: 345-355. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Results obtained from 108 moist chamber cultures with bark from living trees of four species of Mexican temperate forests, Abies religiosa, Juniperus deppeana, Pinus pseudostrobus and Quercus crassipes, are presented. A total of 23 species of myxomycetes were recognized, of which seven are first records for Mexico. Clastoderma pachypus, Echinostelium apitectum and E. brooksii are new species for the Neotropics, and information on the presence of Licea nannengae in the American Continent is reported here for the first time. Some questions are raised on the variation of Comatricha laxa.

KEYWORDS: Bark culture, Neotropics, distribution, taxonomy


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