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Mayrhofer, Sabine, Ursula Peintner & Annarosa Bernicchia. Aphyllophoraceous fungi on Castanea sativa in Italy. Mycotaxon 80: 267-279. 2001.

ABSTRACT: A total of 328 collecions of wood-inhabiting Basidiomycetes were collected on wood of the Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa) in Italy. The main collecting area was Emilia-Romagna region (North-Central Italy), and in particular the Taro Valley where extensive mixed forests with C. sativa predominating still exist. Additional collections come from different Italian regions with patchy spots of chestnut trees. All together, 126 species of Basidiomycetes were identified, which are currently clasified in 72 genera. Among the rare species, Dendrothele dryina, Hyphoderma litschaueri, Peniophora subspirosa (so far only known from France), Scytinostromella heterogena, Sistotrema suballantosporum and Xenasma pruinosum are especially worth mentioning.

KEYWORDS: wood-inhabiting Basidiomycetes, white and brown rot fungi


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