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Stadler, Marc, Manuela Baumgartner & Hartmund Wollweber. Three new Daldinia species with yellowish stromatal pigments. Mycotaxon 80: 179-196. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Daldinia albofibrosa, Daldinia pyrenaica, and Daldinia steglichii, three species with yellowish KOH extractable stromatal pigments, are newly described, based on previously undescribed combinations of teleomorphic and anamorphic characters. Their status as separate species is confirmed by HPLC-based secondary metabolite profiles, ultrastructural examination of ascospores by SEM, and genetic fingerprints.

KEYWORDS: Daldinia systematics, Xylariaceae, chemotaxonomy

Daldinia albofibrosa M. Stadler, M. Baumgartner & Wollweber, p. 186
Daldinia pyrenaica M. Stadler & Wollweber, p. 180
Daldinia steglichii M. Stadler, M. Baumgartner & Wollweber, p. 183

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