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Stadler, Marc, Manuela Baumgartner, Hartmund Wollweber, Yu-Ming Ju & Jack D. Rogers. Daldinia decipiens sp. nov. and notes on some other European Daldinia spp. inhabiting Betulaceae. Mycotaxon 80: 167-177. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Daldinia decipiens sp. nov., associated with Betula, and the known species D. lloydii were both collected and identified from several locations in Germany. The anamorph of D. loculata is also described. SEM studies of ascospores and further observations on Daldinia spp. associated with Betulaceae in Europe (D. fissa, D. lloydii, D. loculata, and D. petriniae) are given.

KEYWORDS: systematics, Xylariaceae

Daldinia decipiens Wollweber & M. Stadler, p. 168

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