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Zheng, Ru-yong & Gui-qing Chen. A monograph of Cunninghamella. Mycotaxon 80: 1-75. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The genus Cunninghamella comprises 15 taxa, 12 species and 3 varieties, based on an examination of 197 strains including 151 strains isolated from China and 46 strains obtained from elsewhere. These are: C. bertholletiae, C. binariae sp. nov., C. blakesleeana, C. clavata, C. echinulata var. echinulata, C. echinulata var. antarctica comb. nov., C. echinulata var. nodosa var. nov., C. echinulata var. verticillata, C. elegans, C. homothallica, C. intermedia, C. multiverticillata comb. nov., C. phaeospora, C. septata sp. nov., and C. vesiculosa. Four species and one variety are considered to be doubtful: C. albida, C. candida, C. echinulata var. indica, C. indica, and C. ramosa. Three species are excluded from the genus: C. mandshurica, C. meineckella, and C. microspora. Neotypes are designated for C. bertholletiae and C. echinulata var. verticillata. The zygospores in eight of the taxa accepted are unknown, possibly due to the lack of opposite mating type within the same taxon: zygospores of the remaining seven taxa were found. Many characteristics either of the sporangial or the zygosporic states seldom noticed previously were found to be helpful to the classification of Cunninghamella. Maximum growth temperature, mating compatibility and molecular systematics were also used as important reference for delimitating species and varieties. A synoptic key and a diagnostic key are provided. Synonyms, descriptions, photographic plates and line drawings are also provided for all the accepted taxa.

KEYWORDS: Cunninghamellaceae, Mucorales,Zygomycetes, Zygomycota, taxonomy

Cunninghamella binariae R.Y. Zheng, p. 22
Cunninghamella echinulata (Thaxt.) Thaxt. ex Blakeslee var. antarctica (Caretta & Piont.) R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen, p. 33
Cunninghamella echinulata (Thaxt.) Thaxt. ex Blakeslee var. nodosa R.Y. Zheng, p. 35
Cunninghamella multiverticillata (R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen) R.Y. Zheng, p. 50
Cunninghamella septata R.Y. Zheng, p. 56

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