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Murugan, M. & J. Muthumary. Developmental morphology and ultrastructure of Pestalotiopsis maculans. Mycotaxon 79: 455-465. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The development of conidiomata in Pestalotiopsis maculans was studied using light and transmission electron microscopy. Light microscopic studies showed the presence of pycnidial conidiomata in culture whereas the fungus is known to produce only acervular conidiomata on host leaves. One of the interesting observations is the ultrastructure of the conidial wall in the coloured cells as well as the basal and apical hyaline cells with the apendages. This investigation, which has included ulttrastructural details, has thrown new light on the delelopment of the conidiomata of P. maculans.

KEYWORDS: Coelomycetes, conidiomata, conidium ontogeny, structure, appendages


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