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Wang, Zheng & Donald H. Pfister. Wenyingia, a new genus in Pezizales (Otideaceae). Mycotaxon 79: 397-399. 2001.

ABSTRACT: A new genus Wenyingia (Otideaceae, Pezizales), based on Wenyingia sichuanensis, a new species, is reported from western Sichuan, China. An unusual membrane covering the hymenium, the structure and origin of which are discussed in this paper, distinguishes this genus from others in the family. The structure of the excipulum, size, shape and ornamentation of spores and pigmentation of the apothecia place this genus close to Tarzetta.

KEYWORDS: Discomycetes, China

Wenyingia Zheng Wang & Pfister, p. 397
Wenyingia sichuanensis Zheng Wang & Pfister, p. 397

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