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Wang, Yei-Zeng. Discomycetes of the Sarcoscyphaceae in Taiwan. Mycotaxon 79: 329-336. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Five species of the Sarcoscyphaceae, Cookeina insititia, C. sinensis, Microstoma floccosum, Phillipsia domingensis, and Sarcoscypha humberiana, collected from Taiwan are described and illustrated. Ascospores were observed under scanning electron microscopy. Except for P. domingensis, the ascospores of the other four species have generally been considered to be smooth, whereas the SEM studies show that they have varous delicate ornamentations. Cookeina sinensis and Phillipsia domingensis are recorded for the first time from Taiwan.

KEYWORDS: Cookeina, Microstoma, Phillipsia, Sarcoscypha, Pezizales


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