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Kalb, Klaus. The lichen genus Topeliopsis in Australia and remarks on Australian Thelotremataceae. Mycotaxon 79: 319-328. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The lichen genus Topeliopsis in Australia is monographed. Four species are kept in this genus, T. acutispora sp. nova, T. corticola sp. nova, T. muscigena comb. nova and T. vezdae sp. nova. The recently described T. muscicola, the type species of the genus, is reduced into synonymy with T. muscigena. The description for the genus is emended. - The monotypic genus Reimnitzia gen. nov. is described for Thelotrema santense and its position within the Thelotremataceae is discussed. Thelotrema heterospora is synonymized with Reimnitzia santensis and reported from Australia-NT for the first time; Thelotrema nostalgicum and T. vernicosum are new additions to the Australian lichen flora, the latter also for the Mascarene Islands. Thelotrema vernicosum is the correct name for T. piluliferum. - The genus Leptotrema is synonymized with Myriotrema.

KEYWORDS: Lichenized fungi, Myriotrema, Leptotrema, Reimnitzia, Thelotrema

Reimnitzia Kalb, p. 325
Reimnitzia santensis (Tuck.) Kalb, p. 325
Topeliopsis acutispora Kalb, p. 320
Topeliopsis corticola Kalb, p. 322
Topeliopsis muscigena (Stizenb.) Kalb, p. 322
Topeliopsis vezdae Kalb, p. 323

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