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Wang, Zheng, & Ke-quan Pei. Notes on discomycetes in Dongling Mountains (Beijing). Mycotaxon 79: 307-313. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Investigation of discomycete diversity in the area around Dongling Mountains over the past two years has resulted in the collection of more than 100 specimens. These belong to the following families: Helvellaceae, Sarcoscyphaceae, Pezizaceae, Otideaceae, Sclerotiniaceae, Orbiliaceae, Dermateaceae, Hyaloscyphaceae and Helotiaceae. Among them, Hymenoscyphus adlasiopodium and Trichophaea donglingensis are proposed as new species. Several collections are new records for China: Crocicreas fuscum, Hydnocystis japonica, Hymenoscyphus fructigenus, Mollisia cf. caesia, Octospora humosa, Orbilia delicatula, Orbilia luteorubella, Peziza cf. pseudoviolacea, Psilopezia deligata and Pulvinula miltina.

KEYWORDS: Hymenoscyphus adlasiopodium, Trichophaea donglingensis, new species

Hymenoscyphus adlasiopodium Zheng Wang, p. 308
Trichophaea donglingensis Zheng Wang, p. 312

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