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Loguercio-Leite, Clarice, Gustavo Vernet de Costa Gonçalves & Leif Ryvarden. Studies in Neotropical polypores 13. Ceriporiopsis cystidiata sp. nov. Mycotaxon 79: 285-288. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Ceriporiopsis cystidiata is described as new and characterized by a whitish to cream resupinate basidioma, a monomitic hyphal system and smooth, thin-walled hymenial cystidia. A key to Ceriporiopsis species in the neotropics is provided.

KEYWORDS: Polyporaceae, tropical America, Ceriporiopsis

Ceriporiopsis cystidiata Loguercio-Leite, G.V. de C. Gonç. & Ryvarden, p. 286

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