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Ramaley, Annette W. Hyaloseta nolinae, its anamorph Monocillium nolinae, and Niesslia agavacearum, new members of the Niessliaceae, Hypocreales, from leaves of Agavaceae. Mycotaxon B>79: 267-274. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Hyaloseta, a new genus with superficial, setose ascomata and unitunicate asci is described from dead leaves of Nolina micrantha. The accompanying anamorph is Monocillium nolinae, a new species, in which the hyphae bear setae like those on the ascomata of Hyaloseta. Niesslia agavacearum sp. nov. is described from leaves of Dasylirion leiophyllum. No anamorph has been discovered for this species.

KEYWORDS: ascomycete, Dasylirion, fungi, Nolina, systematics

Hyaloseta A.W. Ramaley, p. 269
Hyaloseta nolinae A.W. Ramaley, p. 269
Monocillium nolinae A.W. Ramaley, p. 270
Niesslia agavacearum A.W. Ramaley, p. 272

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