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Wagner, Tobias. Phylogenetic relationships of Asterodon and Asterostroma (Basidiomycetes), two genera with asterosetae. Mycotaxon 79: 235-246. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The occurrence of asterosetae in Asterodon and Asterostroma suggests a close relationship of these genera, whereas other morphological and anatomical features point to a polyphyletic origin. Using a dataset of 26 taxa, the relationships and the assignments of Asterodon and Asterostroma are studied by molecular sequence data of a region of the large subunit of the nuclear encoded ribosomal DNA. Taxon sampling includes representatives of the Hymenochaetales, the Lachnocladiales, the Russulales and the Polyporales. According to the phylogenetic analysis, Asterodon and Asterostroma are not closely related. Asterodon is evidently placed within the Hymenochaetales. A sister group to this genus was not found with confidence within the hymenochaetoid taxa included in this study. Asterostroma is placed in the Lachnocladiales, close to Vararia and Dichostereum. The two evolutionary lineages, Asterodon and Asterostroma, in which asterosetae convergently occur, are discussed referring to morphological and anatomical characteristics.

KEYWORDS: molecular systematics, ribosomal DNA, Hymenochaetales, Lachnocladiales


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