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Taylor, Joanne E., Pedro W. Crous & Lizeth Swart. Foliicolous and caulicolous fungi associated with Proteaceae cultivated in California. Mycotaxon 78: 75-103. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Proteaceae, cultivated in California for the cut-flower industry, were assessed for the occurrence of leaf and stem pathogens. Although fields and nurseries were relatively disease-free, several unrecorded pathogens were collected. The most important of these are Coleroa senniana, Bothyosphaeria dothidea and Elsinoë leucospermi, which can cause significant losses for producers in California, and also Batcheloromyces leucospermi, Botryosphaeria proteae and Coniothyrium leucospermi, which are generally regarded to be of lesser economic importance. New species described include Camarosporium sp., Coniothyrium septatum, Elsinoë fecunda, Mycosphaerella leucospermi, Mycosphaerella sp. and Stigmina californiae. Didymosphaeria futilis was recorded for the first time associated with proteaceous hosts. A compilation of all fungi recorded on proteas cultivated for the cut-flower industry in the U.S.A. (excluding Hawaii) is given. It is suggested that further collections of pathogens should be made at different times of the year, to obtain an overall impression of the status of proteaceous diseases in California.

KEYWORDS: Fungal pathogens, phytosanitary, systematics.

Coniothyrium septatum Joa.E.Taylor, p. 79
Elsinoë fecunda Joa.E.Taylor & Crous, p. 84
Mycosphaerella leucospermi Crous & Joa.E.Taylor, p. 87
Stigmina californiae Joa.E.Taylor & Crous, p. 91

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