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Taylor, Joanne E., Pedro W. Crous & Mary E. Palm. Foliar and stem fungal pathogens of Proteaceae in Hawaii, Mycotaxon 78: 449-490. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Several diseases are newly reported on Proteaceae from Hawaii, where these plants are cultivated as exotics. New records of leaf spot pathogens include Coleroa senniana, Botryosphaeria proteae, Fusicoccum sp., Leptosphaeria protearum, Phyllosticta telopeae and Pestalotiopsis spp. New species such as Chaetochalara proteae, Physalospora hawaiiensis, Heteroconium neriifoliae, Mycosphaerella holualoana, M. konae, M. waimeana and Stictis leucospermi are also described from leaf spots. Several common stem pathogens are recorded, namely Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Botryosphaeria dothidea, Drechslera dermatoidea, Elsinoë banksiae and E. leucospermi. In addition to providing descriptions and cultural data for these pathogens, this paper also provides baseline data of Proteaceae pathogens occurring in Hawaii.

KEYWORDS: Fungal pathogen, phytosanitary, systematics

Chaetochalara proteae Joa.E.Taylor, Crous & M.E.Palm, p. 451
Heteroconium neriifoliae Joa.E.Taylor, Crous & M.E.Palm, p. 453
Mycosphaerella holualoana Crous, Joa.E.Taylor & M.E.Palm, p. 458
Mycosphaerella konae Crous, Joa.E.Taylor & M.E.Palm, p. 459
Mycosphaerella waimeana Crous, Joa.E.Taylor & M.E.Palm, p. 463
Physalospora hawaiiensis Joa.E.Taylor, Crous & M.E.Palm, p. 471
Stictis leucospermi Joa.E.Taylor, Crous & M.E.Palm, p. 474

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