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Strobel, Gary, W. M. Hess, Gary Baird, Eugene Ford, J. Y. Li & Rajinder S. Sidhu. Stegolerium kukenani gen. et sp. nov. an endophytic, taxol producing fungus from the Roraima and Kukenan tepuis of Venezuela, Mycotaxon 78: 353-361. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Stegolerium kukenani gen. et sp. nov. is described as a hyphomycetous species associated as an endophyte with Stegolepis guianensis on the summits of the Roraima and Kukenan tepuis of Venezuela. The genus is characterized by arthrocatenate conidia which vary from ovoid, obpyriform, dumbbell to spherical in shape and do not possess cross walls. The spores and hyphae have micro-fine protrusions and brownish, slightly thickened walls. The conidia commonly contain 3-10 readily discernable lipid bodies and are catenate in the hyphae. They germinate into one or more germ tubes arising per conidia. The fungus produces numerous dark brown sclerotia (0.2-0.6 mm in diameter) and loosely consolidated hyphae in culture. No other endophyte was obtained from this plant. Each isolate produced taxol as measured by a monoclonal antibody technique.

KEYWORDS: conidia, endophyte, taxol, tepui, Venezuela

Stegolerium Strobel, W.M.Hess & E.J.Ford, p. 356
Stegolerium kukenani Strobel, W.M.Hess & E.J.Ford, p. 356

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