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Vánky, Kálmán. Taxonomical studies in Ustilaginales. XXI. Mycotaxon 78: 265-326, 2001.

ABSTRACT: The smut fungi of Amaryllidaceae, those of the grass taxa Aristideae, Chionachninae, Melinidinae, Acroceras, Aristida, Arthraxon, Chionachne, Melinis, Paspalidium, Polytoca, Rynchelytrum, Triachne, Tricholaena and Triraphis have been studied, as well as Ustilago bullata, U. bromivora, Conidiosporomyces and Tilletia of Setaria, some diverse smut fungi, and the genus Pseudodoassansia, which is emended.
NEW SPECIES proposed: Pseudodoassansia hydrocleydis (type on Hydrocleys nymphoides, Argentina); Sporisorium coelorachidis (type on Coelorachis clarkei, India); Sporisorium horsfallii (type on Paspalidium rarum, Australia); Sporisorium polytocae-digitatae (type on Polytoca digitata, Burma); Tilletia palpera (type on Aristida sp. and A. calycina, Australia); Tilletia cynodontis (type on Cynodon plectostachyus, Ethiopia); Tilletia setariae-viridis (type on Setaria viridis, China); Urocystis alstroemeriae (type on Alstroemeria pallida, Chile); Urocystis thaxteri (type on Hypoxis acuminata, South Africa); Ustilago acroceratis (type on Acroceras macrum, Zimbabwe); Ustilago latzii (type on Triraphis mollis, Australia); Ustilago triraphidis (type on Triraphis schinzii, Zambia).
NEW COMBINATIONS proposed: Conidiosporomyces echinospermus, based on Tilletia echinosperma (type on Setaria sphacelata); Macalpinomyces aristidae-cyananthe, based on Ustilago aristidae-cyananthe (type on Aristida cyantha); Macalpinomyces chrysopogonicola, based on Sphacelotheca chysopogonicola (type on Chrysopogon sp.); Sporisorium aristidae, based on Tolyposporium aristidae (type on Aristida cyanantha); Sporisorium aristidae-lanuginosae, based on Sphacelotheca aristidae-lanuginosae (type on Aristida lanuginosa); Sporisorium aristidicola, based on Ustilago aristidicola (type on Aristida sp.); Sporisorium confusum, based on Sorosporium confusum (type on Aristida dichotoma); Sporisorium fraserianum, based on Sorosporium fraserianum (type on Aristida leptopoda); Sporisorium goniosporum, based on Ustilago goniospora (type on Aristida adoensis); Sporisorium panici, based on Sorosporium panici (type on ?Panicum flavidum = Paspalidium aversum); Sporisorium polytocae, based on Ustilago polytocae (type on Polytoca barbata); Sporisorium polytocae-barbatae, based on Ustilago polytocae-barbatae (type on Polytoca barbata); Tilletia punensis, based on Neovossia punensis (type on Polytoca barbata); Ustilentyloma oreochloae, based on Entyloma oreochloae (type on Oreochloa disticha).
SYNONYMS: Sorosporium anthraxonis (type on Arthraxon lanceolatus) and Spacelotheca arthraxonis (type on Arthraxon quartinianus) are identical with Sporisorium tranzschelianum (type on Arthraxon ciliaris); Sorosporium cnsanguineum var. bullatum (type on Aristida adscensionis) and Sorosporium pernuiasorus (type on Aristida ternipes) are both synonyms of Sporisorium aristidicola; Sorosporium maroccanum (type on misnamed Brachypodium) is Ustilago bromivora (type on Bromus secalinus); Ustilago aristidicola (type on misnamed Pasapalum brunneum) is Sporisorium microsporum (type on Paspalum sp.); Ustilago asprellae (type on misnamed Elymus scaber) is Ustilago bullata (type on Elymus scaber); Ustilago chrysopogonis (type on Chrysopogon gryllus) is Macalpinomycves chrysopogonicola (type on Chrysopogon sp.) Ustilago panici-geminati (type on Paspalidium geminatum) is Ustilago rickeri (type on Paspalidium geminatum).
EXCLUDED TAXON (forma): Tilletia echinochloae f. foliicola (type on Echinochloa crus-galli) is not a smut fungus.
NEOTYPES are designated for Ustilago aristidae-cyananthae (= Macalpinomyces) and for Sorosporium aristidae.
LECTOTYPES are designated for Cintractia distichlidis (= Ustilago distichlidis), Tilletia oklahomae, Urocystis aristidicola (= Sporisorium aristidicola), Urocystis nevodovskyi, and Ustilago arthraxonis (= Sporisorium arthraxonis).
KEYS are given to the smut fungi of 1. Amaryllidaceae, 2. Arthraxon, 3. Melinidinae (Melinis, Rhynchelytrum, Tricholaena), 4. Triraphis, 5. Chionachninae (Chionachne, Polytoca), 6. Paspalidium, 7. Aristideae (Aristida, Stipagrostis), 8. Conidiosporomyces and Tilletia of Setaria, and to 9. the Ustilentyloma species.

KEYWORDS: smut fungi, Ustilaginomycetes, new species, new combinations, synonyms, excluded taxon, neotypes, lectotypes

Conidiosporomyces echinospermus (Ainsw.) Vánky, p. 314
Macalpinomyces aristidae-cyananthae (Bref.) Vánky, p. 303
Macalpinomyces chrysopogonicola (Mundk. & Thirum.) Vánky, p. 320
Pseudodoassansia hydrocleydis Vánky, p. 274
Sporisorium aristidae (S.Ahmad) Vánky, p. 304
Sporisorium aristidae-lanuginosae (Maire) Vánky, p. 304
Sporisorium aristidicola (Speg.) Vánky, p. 305
Sporisorium coelorachidis Vánky, p. 292
Sporisorium confusum (H.S.Jacks.) Vánky, p. 306
Sporisorium fraserianum (Syd.) Vánky, p. 308
Sporisorium goniosporum (Massee) Vánky, p. 308
Sporisorium horsfallii Vánky, p. 297
Sporisorium panici (E.Mackinnon) Vánky, p. 295
Sporisorium polytocae (Mundk.) Vánky, p. 286
Sporisorium polytocae-barbatae (Mundk.) Vánky, p. 286
Sporisorium polytocae-digitatae Vánky, p. 287
Tilletia cynodontis Vánky, p. 294
Tilletia palpera J.Walker & Vánky, p. 309
Tilletia punensis (S.D.Patil & Gandhe) Vánky, p. 290
Tilletia setariae-viridis Vánky, p. 316
Urocystis alstroemeriae Vánky & C.Vánky, p. 267
Urocystis thaxteri Vánky, p. 270
Ustilago acroceratis Vánky, p. 293
Ustilago latzii Vánky, p. 282
Ustilago triraphidis Vánky, p. 282
Ustilentyloma oreochloae (Durrieu) Vánky, p. 319

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