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Martín, María P. & Gabriel Moreno. Molecular data confirm Setchelliogaster tenuipes and S. rheophyllus as Cortinariales. Mycotaxon 78: 257-263, 2001.

ABSTRACT: The analysis of ITS regions, including 5.8S rDNA, confirms that Setchelliogaster rheophyllus and Setchelliogaster tenuipes belong to the order Cortinariales. The data support that S. rheophyllus and S. tenuipes are two morphotypes of a single species. A new combination, S. tenuipes var. rheophyllus, is proposed.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycota, systematic, ITS rDNA, sequencing

Setchelliogaster tenuipes (Setch.) Pouzar var. rheophyllus (Bertault & Malençon) G.Moreno & M.P.Martín, p. 262

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