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Ryvarden, Leif & Gastón Guzmán. Studies in neotropical polypores 12. New and noteworthy polypores from Mexico. Mycotaxon 78: 245-256, 2001.

ABSTRACT: Fifteen species of Polyporaceae from Mexico are discussed: three new species: Antrodiella tuberculata, Tyromyces mexicanus and T. subviride; eight new records for the Mexican mycobiota: Antrodiella semisupina, Fomitopsis nivosa, Junghuhnia subundata, Oligoporus leucomalleus, Polyporus udus, Protomerulius substuppeus, Tyromyces pseudolacteus and Wrightoporia tropicalis; five known species recorded for new localities within the country. Keys to the known neotropical species of Antrodiella and Tyromyces are also presented.

KEYWORDS: Polyporaceae, Central America

Antrodiella tuberculata Ryvarden & Guzmán, p. 246
Tyromyces mexicanus Ryvarden & Guzmán, p. 251
Tyromyces subviride Ryvarden & Guzmán, p. 252

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