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Lücking, Robert & H. Thorsten Lumbsch. New species or interesting records of foliicolous lichens. VI. Sporopodium aeruginascens (Lecanorales), with notes on the chemistry of Sporopodium. Mycotaxon 78: 23-27. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The new foliicolous lichen species Sporopodium aeruginascens is described from Costa Rica. It is characterized by a verrucose, turquoise-coloured thallus containing usnic and isousnic acid among other components, pruinose epothecia, and pale to bright yellow campylidia. The new species is similar and probably related to S. flavescens, S. citrinum, and S. lucidum, but differs in the irregularly shaped thallus verrucae, the campylidia with reduced socle and large lobe with pruinose to irregular surface, and the secondary chemistry. New data on the secondary chemistry of four additional species of Sporopodium are provided.

KEYWORDS: Ectolechiaceae, usnic acid, isousnic acid, vulpinic acid

Sporopodium aeruginascens Lücking & Lumbsch, p.23

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