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Zhong, Zhihong, Zheng Wang & Donald H. Pfister. Pezicula magnispora, a new species on an herbaceous plant. Mycotaxon 78: 161-165, 2001.

ABSTRACT: A fungus collected in western Sichuan, China in 1997 is recognized as a new species of Pezicula based on morphological characters. The species is named Pezicula magnispora due to its large ascospores and comparatively small apothecia. Ascospores are brown and septate to muriform when discharged, but remain hyaline within the asci. The fungus grows on the stem of a dead herbaceous plant. The distinctively large spores and type of substrate establish this as a new species.

KEYWORDS: China, Dermateaceae, Helotiales

Pezicula magnispora Z.H.Zhong & Zheng Wang, p. 161

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