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Partridge, E. Christopher, William A. Baker & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXII. A further contribution toward a monograph of the genus Haplotrichum. Mycotaxon 78: 127-160, 2001.

ABSTRACT: Twelve further species of Haplotrichum, namely H. album, H. chilense, H. curtisii, H. gracile, H. linderi, H. ochraceum, H. ovalisporium, H. ramosissimum, H. rubiginosum, H. simile, H. tomentosum, and H. vesiculosum, are described and illustrated. The hallmark characteristics of the respective taxa are particularized, and the generic concept is discussed at greater length, especially in relation to the range of morphological variables which serve to distinguish the recognized species. Certain peculiarities which appear to be unique to this anamorph-complex are noted.

KEYWORDS: Acladium, Alysidium, Botryobasidium anamorphs, generic concepts


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