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Stephenson, Steven L., Martin Schnittler, David W. Mitchell & Yuri K. Novozhilov. Myxomycetes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Mycotaxon 78: 1-15. 2001.

ABSTRACT: One hundred and sixty-eight taxa of myxomycetes are listed for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This total includes 92 species reported in the literature and/or represented by material deposited in the National Fungus Collections (BPI) and 75 species and one variety not previously known from the Park but obtained as field and/or moist chamber culture collections during the period of 1982 to 1999. Four of the latter (Lamproderma granulosum, Licea microscopica, L. rufocuprea, and L. sambucina) are new records for North America.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, eastern North America, slime molds, temperate forests


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