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Stadler, Marc, Hartmund Wollweber, Andrea Mühlbauer, Thomas Henkel, Yoshinori Asakawa, Toshihiro Hashimoto, Yu-Ming Ju, Jack D. Rogers, Heinz-Georg Wetzstein & Hans-Volker Tichy. Secondary metabolite profiles, genetic fingerprints and taxonomy of Daldinia and allies. Mycotaxon 77: 379-429, 2001.

ABSTRACT: Daldinia and allied Xylariaceae from around the world were studied for (i) morphology of teleomorphs and anamorphs, (ii) metabolic patterns in stromata and cultures employing HPLC-UV-Vis and HPLC-ESI-MS; and (iii) PCR-amplified 18S rDNA restriction patterns (ARDRA). Comparing type materials, herbarium specimens, cultures, and freshly collected materials revealed additional evidence on their geographic distribution. Stromata of a given species never contained the same major metabolites as corresponding cultures. Most cultures of Daldinia spp. produced naphthalene and chromone derivatives, differing from allied genera by the absence of mellein. Stromata of Daldinia spp. generally contained binaphthyls but no mitorubin. HPLC profiles were in accordance with colours of KOH-extractable stromatal pigments. While D. childae contained azaphilones and benzophenones, species with purple pigments are lacking those. Cytochalasins were found in D. eschscholtzii. ARDRA resolved several species whose 18S rDNA contained specific insertions.

KEYWORDS: Chemotaxonomy, HPLC, PCR, 18S rDNA, Xylariaceae


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