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Kondratyuk, Sergey Ya., Urszula Bielczyk, Wolfgang E. Krumbein & Anna A. Gorbushina. Xanthoria novakii sp. nov. (Teloschistaceae, lichenized Ascomycota), a new epilithic lichen species. Mycotaxon 77: 349-358. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Unique by the very minute size of the thallus and all its structures, Xanthoria nowakii is decribed and illustrated. This species occurs in Europe (Poland, Switzerland) and South America (Chile) and grows on calcium-containing rock substrate. Its ecology is described and a comparison to the closest species, X. candelaria and X. ucrainica, is provided.

KEYWORDS: Xanthoria, Poland, Switzerland, Chile, new species.

Xanthoria nowakii S.Ya.Kondr. & Bielczyk, p. 351

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