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Kurokawa, Syo, & Ming-Jou Lai. Parmelioid lichen genera and species in Taiwan. Mycotaxon 77: 225-284. 2001.

ABSTRACT: A total of 19 genera and 97 species represent the Taiwanese taxa of Parmelia and related genera exclusive of the essentially cetrarioid groups in the Parmeliaceae. Thirty four species are reported here as new to Taiwan: Bulbothrix tabacina, Canomaculina leucosemotheta, Canoparmelia texana, Flavoparmelia caperata, Hypotrachnya exsplendens, H. imbricatula, H. immaculata, H. kingii, H. pseudosinuosa, H. revoluta, H. sublaevigata, Imshaugia aleurites, Melanelia panniformis, Myelochroa denegrans, M. xantholepis, Parmelia masonii, P. meiophora, P. praesquarrosa, Parmeliopsis ambigua, Parmotrema argentinum, P. chinense, P. corniculans, P. dilatatum, P. eurysacum, P. exquisitum, P. lobulascens, P. overeemii, P. permutatum, P. robustum, P. subrugatum, P. ultralucens, Punctelia borreri, P. rudecta and Rimelia clavulifera. Xanthoparmelia formosana is validated by designating the holotype.

KEYWORDS: Lichens, Parmelia and related genera.

Xanthoparmelia formosana Kurok., p. 280

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