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Partridge, E. Christopher, William A. Baker & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXIX. Concerning the Acladium-Alysidium-Haplotrichum complex: nomenclatural and taxonomic considerations, with redescriptions of respective type species. Mycotaxon 77: 201-214. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The generic name Haplotrichum is maintained for anamorphs of Botryobasidium on the basis of its having been sanctioned by Fries, although Acladium, which is considered a synonym, was published some fifteen years earlier. Alysidium is also regarded as being synonymous, in accordance with the genus-for-genus philosophy, although its type species differs somewhat morphologically from that of Haplotrichum. The species on which the three generic names are based are redescribed and illustrated in order to more clearly define the unified generic concept. A comprehensive description of the genus characteristics is also provided. The recombined binomial Haplotrichum dubium [= Trichoderma dubium ] is adopted for the anamorph of Botryobasiudium aureum because of the date priority of its basionym.

KEYWORDS: Botryobasidium anamorphs, generic concepts

Haplotrichum dubium (Pers.) W.A.Baker & Partridge, p. 210

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