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Redeuilh, Guy, Annemieke Verbeken & Ruben Walleyn. Étude nomenclaturale des taxons infragénériques dans le genre Lactarius (Basidiomycota, Russulaceae). Mycotaxon 77: 127-143. 2001.

ABSTRACT:The nomenclature of infrageneric taxa in large genera of the Agaricales is often neglected, as it is complicated by a large number of names whose validity, legitimacy and typification are often problematic. Furthermore, the literature is very dispersed, and the Index of Fungi only catalogues them since 1986 (period 1980-). A synthesis of the Code's rules and the conventions adopted for such research is presented by the first author, followed by an inventory of these taxa published in the genus Lactarius and its synonyms. The new combination Lactarius sect. Deliciosi [syn.: Lactarius sect. Dapetes, illegit.] is proposed.

KEYWORDS: nomenclature, infrageneric taxa, Lactarius section Dapetes, Lactarius section Deliciosi, Hypophyllum

Lactarius Pers. sect.Deliciosi (Fr.:Fr.) Redeuilh, Verbeken & Walleyn, p. 131

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