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Wu, Sheng-Hua. Studies on Schizopora flavipora s.l., with special emphasis on specimens from Taiwan. Mycotaxon 76: 51-66. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Specimens of Schizopora flavipora s.l. collected in Taiwan during 1987-1999 have been studied. Many type specimens of this group have been examined. Three species were determined from Taiwan: Hyphodontia flavipora, H. nongravis, and H. tropica. Hyphodontia nongravis is separated from the other two species in having thicker, effuse-reflexed basidiomata, and encrusted cystidia. Hyphodontia tropica has smaller spores and slightly shorter basidiospores than H. flavipora. Separation of these three species was supported by compatibility tests. Hyphodontia flavipora has a wide distribution from temperate to subtropical regions of the world. Hyphodontia nongravis is hitherto known from Sri Lanka, Yunnan (China), and Taiwan. Cultural studies are provided for all three species. Reports of H. apacheriensis, H. paradoxa, and H. radula in Taiwan were not confirmed in this study, following examination of the reported specimens. Hyphodontia subiculoides is proposed as a new combination.

KEYWORDS: Corticiaceae, cultural studies, Hyphodontia, Schizopora, taxonomy, Taiwan

Hyphodontia flavipora (Cooke) Sheng H. Wu, p. 54
Hyphodontia nongravis (Lloyd) Sheng H. Wu, p. 59
Hyphodontia subiculoides (Lloyd) Sheng H. Wu, p. 65
Hyphodontia tropica Sheng H. Wu, p. 62

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