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Leander, Celeste A. & David Porter. Redefining the genus Aplanochytrium (phylum Labyrinthulomycota). Mycotaxon 76: 439-444. 2000.

ABSTRACT: In the early 1970's, two similar genera, Labyrinthuloides (Perkins, 1973) and Aplanochytrium (Bahnweg and Sparrow, 1972), were described within months of one another. Ironically, these two genera were originally associated with entirely different groups of fungi. Labyrinthuloides was recognized as having morphological similarities to the labyrinthulids (or marine slime nets), and Aplanochytrium was associated with the thraustochytrid fungi. However, contemporary researchers were beginning to recognize that the thraustochytrids and labyrinthulids were closely related (Perkins, 1972). By the mid 1980's, biochemical and morphological evidence linking Labyrinthuloides and Aplanochytrium was mounting (Ulken et al., 1985), and suggetsions were made that these genera were identical (Ulken et al., 1985, Porter, 1989). In 1999, Honda et al. published a molecular phylogeny of the Labyrinthulomycota, including ssurDNA sequence data from Aphanochytrium kergulensis. Leander and Porter (submitted) also reported a molecular phylogeny of the group, including Labyrinthuloides yorkensis and Labyrinthuloides minuta. We have compared this sequence data from A. kergulensis, L. minuta, and L. yorkensis, and together with the morphological similarities, we conclude that Aphanochytrium and Labyrinthuloides are synonymous. Following the IBC rules of nomenclature, Aphanochytrium is recognized as the correct name for this genus by means of precedence. Additionally, the five species of Labyrinthuloides are transferred to Aphanochytrium. We also transfer one species of Labyrinthula, L. thaisi, to Aphanochytrium based in morphological similarities.

KEYWORDS: Aphanochytrium, Labyrinthuloides, Labyrinthulomycota, stramenopile, heterokont, Labyrinthula thaisi

Aplanochytrium haliotidis (S. Bower) C. A. Leander & D. Porter, p. 442
Aplanochytrium minutum (S. W. Watson & Raper) C. A. Leander & D. Porter, p. 442
Aplanochytrium saliens (J. A. Quick) C. A. Leander & D. Porter, p. 442
Aplanochytrium schizochytrops (J. A. Quick) C. A. Leander & D. Porter, p. 442
Aplanochytrium thaisii (B. A. Cox & Mackin) C. A. Leander & D. Porter, p. 442
Aplanochytrium yorkensis (F. O. Perkins) C. A. Leander & D. Porter, p. 442

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