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Harveson, R. M. & J. W. Kimbrough. First report of Persiciospora moreaui, a parasite of Fusarium oxysporum, in the Western Hemisphere. Mycotaxon 76: 361-365. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A pyrenomycetous ascomycete was isolated from infected watermelon roots in association with the Fusarium wilt pathogen (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum). Single spored cultures produced ostiolate perithecia measuring 250-300 µm in diameter, with dark, ellipsoid ascospores (20-22 x 8-11 µm) each containing a pore at each end. The surface of the ascospores was finely pitted with no additional ornamentation. Cultures additionally produced a creamy tan to straw-colored mycelium with a Phialophora-like conidial state. Based upon these characteristics, the fungus was identified as Persiciospora moreaui. It was demonstrated to be parasitic on the watermelon wilt pathogen but caused no appreciable damage in vitro. The results of this study represent a new report of this fungus for the Western Hemisphere, and also provides the first conclusive evidence that it is capable of functioning as a mycoparasite.

KEYWORDS: Pyrenomyctetes, Ascomycetes, mycoparasites


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