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Redhead, Scott A., Joseph F. Ammirati, Lorelei L. Norvell & Michelle T. Seidl. Notes on western North American snowbank fungi. Mycotaxon 76: 321-328. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Lyophyllum montanum AH Smith is transferred to Clitocybe as Cltocybe glacialis (non C. montana Harmaja). It lacks the siderophilous granules characteristic of Lyophyllum. The synonymy of Hygrophorus angelesianus and Clitocybe mutabilis is confirmed by type studies. Neohygrophorus angelesianus is accepted as the correct name and the new combinations N. cokeri (= Clitocybe cokeri) and N. umbrino-purpurascens (= Clitocybe umbrino-purpurascens) are proposed. A key to Neohygrophorus is provided.

KEYWORDS: USA Pacific Northwest, Appalachians, Cascades, Rockies, subalpine, Atlas Mountains, Algeria, Canada, Hygrophoraceae, Tricholomataceae

Clitocybe glacialis Redhead, Ammirati, Norvell & M. T. Seidl, p. 323
Neohygrophorus cokeri (Hesler) Redhead, Ammirati, Norvell & M. T. Seidl, p. 324
Neohygrophorus umbrino-purpurascens (Maire) Redhead, Ammirati, Norvell & M. T. Seidl, p. 326

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