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Mossebo, D. C., Amougou Akoa & R. Atanga Étémé. Macrolepiota globosa et Nothopanus nsimalenensis, duex nouvelles espèces fongiques du Cameroun. Mycotaxon 76: 267-278. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Two new species of gilled fungi (Basidiomycetes) are described from Cameroon. Macrolepiota globosa sp. nov. seems rather close to M. odorata but differs mainly in its cap remaining subglobose and its yellow to ochraceous yellow spore-print. Nothopanus nsimalenensis sp. nov. looks like N. hygrophanus but shows a dimitic hyphal system.

KEYWORDS: Macrolepiota (Agaricaceae), Nothopanus (Tricholomataceae), Basidiomycotina

Macrolepiota globosa Mossebo, p. 268
Nothopanus nsimalenensis Mossebo, p.273

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