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Nicholl, David B. G. & Ronald H. Petersen. Phenetic plasticity in Pleurotus djamor. Mycotaxon 76: 17-37. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Pleurotus djamor has become known for its variability in basidiome color and stature. To quantify the breadth of phenetic plasticity within the species, over 40 P1 collections or dikaryon cultures of putative P. djamor from Asia and America were examined. Thirty-two strains were fruited, from which 20 collections were chosen for combined analysis, including phenetic analyses for qualitative and quantitative characters and sexual compatibility tests. Two types of compatibility tests proved all selected collections were compatible, and phenetic analyses showed no significant clustering power using macro- or micromorphological characters. F1 hybrid basidiomata were produced and viable F1 basidiospores obtained. F1 hybrid basidiomata were unpredictable for color, and basidiome color intensity was reduced under "standardized" fruiting conditions. The species appeared to be pantropical, varying within acceptable infraspecific bounds except for basidiome color, which was not linked to geographic origin, other morphological characters, or light intensity during basidiome ontogeny.

KEYWORDS: Phenotypic plasticity, phenetic analysis, Pleurotus


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