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Phillips, Alan J. L. Botryosphaeria populi sp. nov. and its Fusicoccum anamorph from poplar trees in Portugal. Mycotaxon 76: 135-140. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A species of Botryosphaeria, B. populi, and its anamorph, Fusicoccum populi, are newly described from poplar trees in Portugal. Botryosphaeria populi differs from other species in the genus by its long, narrow asci and the long paraphyses originating from the layer of cells giving rise to conidiophores and conidiogenous cells of its anamorph. Only one other Fusicoccum sp. has been described with paraphyses and it is distinctly different from F. populi.

KEYWORDS: Botryosphaeria, Fusicoccum, paraphyses, Populus nigra

Botryosphaeria populi A. J. L. Phillips, p.136
Fusicoccum populi A. J. L. Phillips, p.136

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