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Lizon, Pavel & Sona Jancovicová. Non-lichenized fungal taxa described from Slovakia. Part 1. Mycotaxon 75: 479-500. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Names of fungal taxa described from Slovakia are listed. An iconotype and an epitype for Agaricus atramentosus and lectotypes for Humaria sabranskyana, Peltidium oocardii and Peziza bulgarioides are designated, and the new combinations Peziza adae var. latispora (for Galactinia adae f. latispora) and Clitocybe gibba f. adstringens (for Clitocybe gibba var. adstringens) are proposed.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, new taxa, taxonomic status.

Clitocybe gibba (Pers.) Kumm. f. adstringens (Hagara) Lizon, p. 492
Peziza adae J. Sadler var. latispora (J. Moravec) Lizon, p. 481

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